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The meaning of the name of this beautiful city comes from the purépecha Querendaro, place of large stones or rocks and in the dialect known as Otomi refers to Queretaro as Andamaxei, which means Great ball game.

This city is constantly growing, attracting not only the cultural tourist but also the business traveler. Located south of the area known as Bajio, with a close proximity to the city of Mexico and 40 minutes from San Miguel Allende, this beautiful place has found the perfect combination between history and modernization.

Visit Queretaro and learn about its incredible stories that led this beautiful city to form and position itself as one of the best cities in Mexico to live.

Stroll through the viewpoints and colonial streets of this city, visit the historic center and be amazed by the stories that are found in every corner of its architecture. Walk through its arches and be amazed by the structure of its aqueducts.

Discover how a city can be modern and preserve its history at the same time. Queretaro offers that facility to be learning about its history in old houses, palaces and museums, you can also go shopping in one of the largest shopping malls in Latin America.

Enjoy one of the most passionate cities in its history, sports and way of life.

The perfect balance between history and modernity can be found here in Queretaro.

GoCarlosTours Notes:

  • Tour average duration: 6 hours.

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