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GoCarlosTours is a small tour and transportation agency established in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende back in 1995 by Carlos Sanchez, also known as Carlos Tours.

We offer different types of tours such as City Tours to Dolores Hidalgo, Queretaro, Guanajuato and tours to Archaeological Sites likes Teotihuacan, but most importantly, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy local experiences like no other agency does.

You can read more about our services on TripAdvisor’s forum.

Our Story

GoCarlosTours was founded by Carlos Sanchez and this is his story.

In the year of 1990, right after finishing high school, my mother suggested me to study the English language, as many Canadian and American tourists were arriving to visit my beloved town of San Miguel de Allende. I obeyed my mother and that's how I discovered two things, first that I liked to talk to other people – who did not speak my language – and the second thing is that I enjoyed sharing the history, architecture and traditions of my people with the foreigners who visited San Miguel de Allende.

This is how my working life begins at the service of tourism. At the beginning I had to work driving a taxi to cover the expenses of the university school of my two younger brothers. However, at the same time, I was able to practice my English while speaking to tourists who visited San Miguel de Allende and who used my taxi services. It is at this moment of my life where I discovered that my true passion is to share my beautiful Mexico with the people who visit us.

I am passionate about telling and explaining in great detail the story, legends and traditions of my towns and cities found throughout Mexico. Therefore, in order to professionalize my passion and offer it as a service I studied tourism while in college to become a certified and professional tourist guide.

Visitors and friends in San Miguel de Allende, both Canadians and Americans, began to recommend me among their friends and acquaintances, as a tourist guide. At that time I no longer worked only in San Miguel de Allende, I had grown and evolved to visiting cities and towns throughout Mexico with my taxi. Later I bought my own car with the help of my father, my older brother and some friends, in which I gave a better service. I eventually became the person who I am today: a man who is passionate about his work and who loves to show the culture, history and traditions of my country through a service of the highest quality.

People ask me how come I never get tired of working, talking, walking and driving. For which I reply, "I do not see it as work, as I see it as a day where I walk and spend a day with my clients, who have now become my new friends, while visiting my beautiful and dear Mexico."

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