Monarch Butterflies

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Monarch Butterflies in Michoacán

From the last days of November all the way to March, we provide this tour to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, east of Michoacán, recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity.

Monarch butterflies fly every year from Canada and the United States to Mexico from 2,500 to 3,000 miles. Visits to the Sanctuary can be made every day during the season, which lasts from November to March.

This tour can be made to the Sanctuary "El Rosario" in the municipality of Ocampo, or to the Sanctuary "Sierra Chincua" in the municipality of Angangueo. This depends on the season and the behavior of the butterfly.

We recommend you bring your camera, comfortable clothes and shoes to walk, your hat or cap, a jacket or jacket and dark glasses.

There are few forests in Mexico that are filled with incredible creatures and that shed an incomparable energy. Ideal for anyone who enjoys hiking in nature, photography and spend a pleasant time outside the routines of the city.

Enjoy this ride on horseback or on foot through the trails of the forest full of oyamel trees, pines and let yourself fall in love with this wonderful place that our guide of tourists will professionally show you.

Come and enjoy with us a unique and naturally beautiful show.

GoCarlosTours Notes:

Please note that this tour to includes transportation from/to Monarch Butterflies site and a minimum of a 5 hours at the site.

Tour average duration: 8 hours.


Monarch Butterflies

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