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Teotihuacán, whose meaning is city of the Gods or place where men become gods, is a city located northeast of the Valley of Mexico 50 kilometers from the capital of the country.

It is currently the most visited archaeological area in the center of the republic, attracting millions of tourists a year who are amazed by the immensity of one of the largest pyramids that man could have built (Pyramid of the sun).

Despite the popularity that this area has, it is still shrouded in mystery as little is known about the ancient inhabitants of this area and how they came to be considered the greatest architects and astronomers of Mexico for their time.

Come to know the first metropolis of America and why it became the epicenter that helped the political, economic, social and religious development of Mesoamerica.

We invite you to take a bath of positive energy up to the top of the pyramid of the sun, to walk the famous road of the dead that our ancestors designed, visit the pyramid of the moon and learn more about the fauna and the activities that were carried out in this amazing place. Also, delight yourself with its delicious dishes in the different restaurants in the area.

Let's visit Teotihuacán and have the privilege of walking in the city of the Gods.


Please note that this tour to Teotihuacán includes transportation from/to San Miguel de Allende and a minimum of a 5 hours at the archaeological site known as Teotihuacán.


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