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Mineral de Pozos

In the middle of the semi-desert, with a landscape covered with mesquite, the mineral village of Pozos rises with its mining history that has become the emblem of this cozy town where everyone who visits it is filled with astonishment.

San Pedro de los Pozos, as it is the official name of this historic destination, receives its visitors to present the majestic helmets of its old haciendas, the imposing mines of gold, silver and mercury, as well as the emblematic history that its cobbled streets house and caliche stone walls where different anecdotes of the social development of our country have passed.

It is a town that is reviving because this charming place has been reborn after having been abandoned by its population on two occasions throughout its history, for this reason it has come to be considered a ghost town.

In Jardín Juárez you can sit down to rest a while you admire the beautiful mansions in its surroundings, you will not be able to avoid falling in love with the simple things again.

Live a unique experience in the Magical Towns of Mexico visiting Mineral de Pozos and discover why this place was abandoned.

GoCarlosTours Notes:

  • Tour average duration: 6 hours.

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