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The Sanctuary of Jesus of Nazareth, better known as Atotonilco, is a baroque temple of the eighteenth century located north of San Miguel de Allende at a distances no longer than 9 miles away. It is also known as the Sistine Chapel of America for its majestic works of art painted in its chapels, walls and ceilings.

The Sanctuary of Jesus of Nazareth was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in the year of 2008, and is visited by thousands of people of different nationalities who are attracted by its architecture and works of sacred art.

Visit Atotonilco and discover why the Sanctuary of Atotonilco is one of the most emblematic places that were part of the war for the independence of Mexico.

Additionally, enjoy and relax swimming in the unique, pure and crystalline thermal waters that are located within Atotonilco. Take a walk through the Museum of Mexican folk art and delight your palate in its unique restaurants located in the area.

Travel with us and get to know Atotonilco’s history and the magic that its chapels produce. Discover the greatness and importance of such a small town that represents a great colonial jewel.

Atotonilco will surprise you with its beauty and majesty.

GoCarlosTours Notes:

Tour average duration: 3 hours.


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